The highway of tears

A sad and shamanic road movie in the immense forests of the Far North

A role play by Thomas Munier Essential

These days. Across the Canadian Forest, A never-ending road. Young amerindians hitchhiking. Disappearance. A sad and shamanic road movie in the immense forests of the Far North.

What happened to the missing? Will we find them ? Who is responsible ? Whether you are close to one of the missing, a road user, a member of the police who does Research, a volunteer who organises beatings, a Hitchhiker, a forest resident, an Indian who survives in poverty or one of those impossible people who lurks in the region... the road won't spare you.

This text is a scenario for the role-playing games Inflorenza (heroes, bastards and martyrs in the forest hell of Millevaux) or Inflorenza Minima (cruel tales in the forests of Millevaux). Compatible with B. I. A., The World of Darkness, Project : Pelican, Unknown Armies. It is also a role-playing game in its own right thanks to the last chapter : The Rules on board (which are a condensed version of Inflorenza Minima).

The highway of Tears works on a scenario of situations : places, characters, ideas, rumors. You can read it to the players.


Copyright-free text, by Thomas Munier. Consultant and co-author : Vermer Testers : Anaïs, 6, anonymous, Angel, Dimitri, Nelson, Peter, Raphael, Stephane, Vianney, Zac Referees : Jérôme "Sempaï" Bouscaut, Yoann Calamai, Julien Delorme, Arjuna Khan, Pao the Wise, Maud Rossi

This text was first published in the Journal Di6Dent. A year later, it was republished in the public domain with their kind permission. Fonts (free for non-commercial use) : Day Novel, Old Newspaper Type, Powderfinger Type. Images : fusionpanda, michael flick, OneEighteen, Toby Dickens, Creative Commons license (attribution, non-commercial use), galleries on


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